Crepe City 8 | The iLL Sessions Re-Cap


Myself and Lei-Mai teamed up again for yet another trainer convention, Crepe City 8.  It seems I have been to more kicks related events in the last few months than I have had hot dinners. I am surprised their is any deadstock, vintage, unworn trainers left.

Crepe City 8 had alot to live up to, in case you didn’t know Crepe City has always been the daddy of UK trainer conventions. This time with a bigger venue and more stalls including artwork, clothes  a tattooer and prizes to be won from Sole Heaven this really was a big event in the sneaker calendar.

This time round I was helping Lei-Mai on her stall SoleUnit, this meant no trouble with queue’s, but having to get up at unreasonable times on a Saturday to set up the stall for 9am.  What interests me the most about Crepe City is the diversity of the people selling, you have heads who have been at  it for 10/15 year, to stores like WELLGOSH and new jacks, who realise the potential and how to make a quick profit. I’m the kind of guy who likes to wear what he buys, when I get bored or cant work out what garms go with them , I will try get  money for an old pair, that eventually goes towards my next pair of shoes.

Being in London, Prices where definitely pushing boundaries on what I have seen over recent months, but with anything, if demand is high and supply’s low, sky’s the limit, on what people will pay. The shoe of choice by the consumer  for this event was definitely the huarache, almost becoming a license to print money. I don’t know if this was to do with every guy who puts on a pair of trainers in Essex being there, or the fact that the OG re releases really kicked of a trend at the start of the year.

Apart from everybody in the main room looking like they had spent the day in a Sauna due to no air-con, this was a good event. Plenty of limited editions, deadstocks, unworn sneaks to be amazed by and to buy, plus a lot of bespoke retro garms. With a larger space this time and good use of crowd control queue’s where let in quickly and  the event was very well organised.

If you claim you’re a sneakerholic or are generally interested by UK subcultures Crepe City is not one to miss. Keep your eyes peeled here for future updates.














Big up and thank-you to all these guys for their help and support, check them out. Elsey6 , SmallFeetBigKicks, HekStyle, DanRichmond, The_R0n, Applenah, Sneakerhunter247, WELLGOSH, Sole Unit.

Photos And Words by : BedfordCool


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