Wellgosh 25th Anniversary| The iLL Sessions


I traveled up to Leicester the other week with my boy Eatsmedia, to see what was going on with the WELLGOSH 25th anniversary party. Since minimalist  house music is played in every club/venue/joint at the minute, I was looking forward to this line up! I’m tired of turning up somewhere and not really being able to let off a bit of steam,  usually being  surrounded by  teenagers that want to dance and love you because they have discovered MDMA, is not my thing. I enjoy getting aggy, popping off a few gun fingers and the occasional  BUP BUP does not go a miss.  After taking a few wrong turns, we turned up on some dodgy industrial estate in the heart of Leicester, to be welcomed by the club “Street Life” and the bad man of Leicester, that is WELLGOSH Dan. The WELLGOSH  guys always make you feel welcome  whether you’re in store or meeting them at other events, they carry good vibes and personally, always want to make me step up my fashion game.

The night started with the usual who’s wearing what, don’t stand on my crepes vibe, but after the drinks got flowing the people got loose, it became time to get messy, Dj Swerve, P Money, Logan Sama all smashed it but Newham Generals  went in, got the crowed on the hype thing and tore it up. Eats Media have put a little video together for your viewing pleasure,  plus keep an eye out for what WELLGOSH are doing. This was a well put together night, my only downside is I didn’t get a golden ticket in my goodie bag, hook a brother up, no?
Authors Instagram: BedfordCool
Video Instagram: EatsMedia

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