Black Sheep Store x Crep Protect | Manchester

Having lived in Manchester for 6 years, I fully understand why the people of manny have nicknamed it ‘rain city’, obviously enough because it rains soooo much! If you follow me on instagram (@leimai_lemaow) then you will have seen me lurking about dirty old buildings and getting my sneaks all muddy, wet and messed up. Last weekend I picked up a fitty pair of Urban Camo Asics Gel Lyte III, the colours on which are particularly light and the suede might as well be a personal invite for dirt. I knew it was time to take myself to The Black Sheep store in The Northern Quarter as I’d seen @lem0n_cake post an update for the store mentioning that they had crep protect in stock (and wu-tang stance socks but that’s another story altogether) and I knew I had to get it before risking the death of another pair of kicks.

Photo on 10-11-2013 at 19.22


Soooo, I’ve got my sneakies and I’ve got my crep protect… time to see what it can do!

Step 1: Clean and brush your shoe… I didn’t have a brush and they were already spotless so I just didn’t do anything… oops haha!

Step 2: Shake it like a polaroid picture (the Crep protect, not the trainer, or your bum)

Step 3: Get your spray on from 20cm away.

Step 4: Wait ten minutes… thats longer than it sounds so go make a brew or something.

Step 5: Put your feets in the sneaks and go do some acrobatics and get them under the tap so you can see how rad crep protect is!

Here is a picture to show you just how good it really is… I don’t have a before shot because I didn’t want to ruin my sneak but as you know suede likes to absorb water and darken… with the use of crep protect, that ish just sits on top and rolls right off!



So there you have it, get yourself to The Black Sheep Store website and get some ordered or bop down to the store in The Northern Quarter, Manchester and pick some up from @lem0n_cake or @Nick_Stannerz!


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