RADNESS! Bones Bearings style..

Being a rollerblader myself, I can appreciate the raddness of this edit and wanted to share it with you all! I love the 70’s bouncing vibes, but then quad skater Michelle Steilen takes us all by surprise by takings her skills to the next level by taking it to the aggressive side of the street! I’ve never seen anything like this done by a girl on quad skates and got BIG respect for her. Michelle Steilen, also known to roller-derby world as ‘Estro Jen’ is the owner of Moxi Roller Skates. She demonstrated the use of the worlds no. 1 bearings – Bones.  Big positive movement for the women in the extreme sports industry!

Get your Bones Reds bearings from ukskate.com

Check her out doin her thang!


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