You may recognise the name from Lei’s post and interview last May about the HEKStyle x iLL Sessions custom AM1 colab. I was recently privileged enough to receive a few amazing illustrations, stickers and a dope t-shirt from the man known as David ‘HEKStyle‘ Blake. His style is unique and recognisable carrying plenty of experience on his paint pallet and customising trainers for big names. Easy to say he’s one of my favourite in the UK for sneaker art!

Check out a few illustrations below which you can purchase through his webstore which is currently having a 30% winter sale so go get involved! These look amazing on my wall, so much so I have decided to re-arrange my whole living room wall-space.

DeadBeat-Print ghosttownprint ordinarytreadaredead shop-bring-out-your-dead-print40f6f5b6642811e396330ee9b50dfb29_8

I’d like to say big-ups for the treats and make sure you check out HEKStyle on TwitterInstagram and be sure to hit up the webstore for your custom orders and prints!
Peace & Love form @lem0n_cake



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