Adidas Skateboarding | The Legend Of Stan Smith


Introducing the new Adidas Skateboarding Stan Smith sneaker! Presented with “The Legend of Stan Smith” short film, where the iconic Tennis legend talks about his passion for skateboarding. The ironic short film shows the pros from the Adidas Skateboarding team such as Mark Gonzales, Dennis Busenitz, Lucas Puig and Matt Hensley, each outlining how Stan Smith has become best known for, skateboarding…

 “Many people already know Stanley Roger Smith as two time Grand Slam singles champion and one of the greatest tennis players of all time. What people don’t know is that Stan has been a lifelong skater since his childhood in the 50’s.”

Lem0n Cake managed to get her hands on a pair of these babies, check out some more images below and the release video from Adidas Skateboarding

All in all, this is an amazing, ironic and genius idea to market the new sneaker, props to the wiz-kids at Adidas for coming up with this elaborate plan which has very much made my day!




All pictures by Lem0n_cake


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