Krate and Co

I’ve been collecting sneakers since I was 13 (yes I’m 30, that’s 17 years, angin’).  About 4 years ago I came across some stackable see through plastic boxes that were the perfect rectangle shape for trainers to fit in. They looked a bit cloudy so they weren’t perfect, but I couldn’t get my hands on them anyway and after a while I gave up even trying to find them and continued searching for actual sneakers rather than just a plazzy box!

I received an email recently from some lovely human being, asking me if they could send me a ‘Krate’, I read what it was, eyes widening and my lips up turning whilst reading, I scrolled to the attached image on the email… could it be!?!? Yes. It could!!! It was an amazing premium version of the plastic sneaker box I had once dreamt about owning! Fully pleased with myself I sent a quick reply along the lines of ‘fuck yeaaahhhhh send me one’ and awaited the delivery of my Krate.

Today the Krate arrived.

I rang my friend Dempsey (Instagram: DanielDempseyPhotography), picked up my sneakers from Note (Instagram:  NoteShop) and took them for a little photo shoot so you guys can witness how sexy your sneakers will look in the Krate! Behold…

Lei Mai lei BOX 01

Now, as I said earlier, the ones I had seen before were like a crappy version of these so I’m stoked x10 about this Krate, I just need about a million more and then I’ll be happy!

Thoughts of see through sneaker walls are happening and even the thought of a sneaker box fish tank happened (I know I’m a weirdo).

Lei Mai lei BOX 02

I’ve mentioned, so far, no actual practical reasons for having these boxes, so here goes… You can keep your OG boxes fresh in a loft somewhere, whilst using the Krate which means stacks upon stacks of trainers don’t become wonky stacks because of weight problems! We’ve all woken up late (it’s a myth that I wake up on time, ever) and when we do, we don’t want to be rummaging through boxes for that one pair you want to wear that day… stacking your treads in Krate’s means you can spot your fave’s in no time! My last reason is just that they will look fresher than a bowl of Pot Pourri.

Lei Mai lei BOX 03

The Krate will be available for £20 and coming with a free dust bag (which us sneaker goons love) you can’t even deny that buying at least one of these for your collection is a must! Keep your eyeballs on Krate&Co instagram: KrateAndCo for updates and release info!


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