Yo it’s Dr Syntax Droppin’ Sick Raps – w/ Pete Cannon

So when I received an email saying that Dr Syntax and Pete Cannon really wanted to be enjoying pop tarts in the bath I thought I’d help make that happen for my fellow 30+ er’s!


Not to mention that Glacial from Foreign Beggars ft Syntax is one of my favourite tracks of all time (instant good mood track), but recently throughout 2013, Syntax had an amazing accolade-laden year working with Manchester band The Mouse OutfitPete Cannon has cemented his place as the most prolific producer in the country, top 10 chart success with Rizzle Kicks (‘Lost Generation’), as well as his work with everyone who’s anyone in UK Hip-Hop and also Action Bronson.

Individually, Synners and Cannon thoroughly smashed 2013 with various projects and combine in 2014 for an album which is a swashbuckling, Cannon-banging skank through the life, lust and loganamnosis of thirtysomething rap music man-children. Featuring an all-star guest list of Del The Funky Homosapien, Jehst, Dirty Dike, Lunar C, J Man, DJ Woody and Eva LazarusKiller Combo is a long overdue new project from a duo who are not only dead good friends and E-40 fans, but have also been smashing live shows and musical output across the country and beyond for years.

Check their ish here…



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