Girl & Boy Comic | Andrew Tunney


I recently bumped into an old friend, amazing illustrator and all around sick guy, Andrew Tunney. After a 5 year catch up crammed into about 10 minutes, I found out that he has broken into the comic book world with his debut, Girl & Boy. Set in gully Manchester, this comic-book introduces a whole new world of emotional metaphors using the relationship between the characters.

Girl & Boy is the first comic book from Andrew Tunney where a heroine called ‘Girl’ experiments with her relationship with the sidekick ‘Boy’, doesn’t sound like your cup of tea? Well you’re wrong, the graphic novel goes much deeper then just a hero with a relationship, “We fight crime and loneliness,” says Girl as they both run through the city of Manchester on a dark night. When Girl says “I think he’s my favourite sidekick ever” whilst indulging in a saucy session in the bedroom… I think can all see the subtle metaphors here. Ladies, you’re going to love this comic, Girl and Boy subliminally takes a look at how certain relationships can shape us and what happens once all is over.

Big thanks to Mr Tunney for sending me a few hard copies as well as a couple of fresh prints, I will treasure these!

You can purchase the full comic online via Andrew Tunney’s webstore (and includes some raunchy NSFW content), for now we’ll leave you with a 7-page preview after the cut…. enjoy and make sure you grab your digital copy!

girlboy01 girlboy02 girlboy03 girlboy04 girlboy05 girlboy06 girlboy07


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