Chali 2na’s Gettin’ Up!

Chali 2na shows us he’s more than just an MC with this dope Dinosaur piece. Whilst on tour with the rest of Jurassic 5 for the ‘Pacific Rim’ tour, Mr 2na said he had the chance to paint with some amazing artists.

Chali describes this as – “My rendition of a T-rex, portrait style, to symbolize how we smashed up the Perth show!!! Nuff Love and respect..”

I think it speaks for itself! I got alot of love for this dude, I had the absolute pleasure of spending a bit of time with Chali 2na last summer during his last visit to the UK and can say he is honestly one of the most humble, and respectful men I’ve ever met. Check out my interview with Chali 2na on Big Eyes Little Soles.

This flick is from last June, when I walked into the store and he wanted a picture with ME!? Haha…


Check out more from Chali 2na on iTunes:


Peace and Love!





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