What Lurks Inside | Stockport


Yesterday I went out on a lurk with Alex and Sammy around a couple of Stockport’s hidden relics. We didn’t have chance to see all we wanted to see, but we saw enough to leave us wanting more! Here’s a few pictures from our day out around some of Stockport’s hidden treasures.
First stop was an abandoned mental hospital hidden behind Stockport College in Edgeley. I’m not 100% on the history of the place, apparently it was a hospital before the was a mental asylum, but whatever reason it shut down, it left an weird feeling lurking in the buildings. We didn’t have chance to visit all the buildings in the day-time seems as we could hear police dogs training, was time for a quick exit and plan for a night-time return. Here’s a few pictures from that COD-level play ground.

hospital 3hospital

hospital 2

Next up, we went over  to the abandoned underground tunnel air raid shelters…. and it was grimey! We didn’t have enough torches or supplies to go to far in, as they are miles long! Make no mistake, if you are planning on going for a mooch down here, don’t be alone and take plenty of light and shit with you as it’s so easy to get lost. People have been lost down here before, as well as all the warning signs about the tramps that live down there, you can see the living proof in the cracks of the walls to the old shelter rooms, other than that its pretty fun! Want to go and explore when we’re more prepared to see where we end up. Here a few pictures to keep you intrigued, one to check out for yourselves though!

Air Raid

tunnels 2


tunnels 1

What better way to finish up than a walk down the woods with the dog, enjoy a beer on pebble beach and play on a rope swing like your 10 years old. SICK DAY! @Lem0n_cake



Thanks to Alex for the help with the flicks!


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