John and George


This is my first post in a while, due to a fair few set backs in life… laptop breaking being the reason for no posts, living that ‘no fixed address life’ and leaving a lot of things I have worked hard for behind (belongings and cats included)! It’s not the first time something unexpected like this has happened, my friend Mads informed me these things are sent to try us and that the strong survive which made me positive and got me through!

It could have been a lot worse so I’m not moaning but it takes things like that to make you realise it’s the small things in life that count… mainly family and friends.

A friend of mine who has been staying recently told me about this vid, a portrait of a man and his dog, by Will Robson-Scott.  John’s words are straight to the point and honest. No matter who you are or what situation a lot of people can relate! John finds companionship with his pooch George and his artwork keeps him sane. When I had to leave my home and live on a boat that resembled a shed that kids enjoyed breaking on to, with no shower, toilet or running water, going out at night to paint with friends kept me sane but there was definitely a void that needed filling! I just missed my cats!! It sounds so stupid but they are my little nuggets! Now I have found a room in a nice house share where I can bring my cats eventually and I’ve realised just having a safe place is one of the most important things and the fact I can bring my kitties is boss! The relationship with man and his pet is a strong one and this video, although it also mentions his artwork, shows that so well.

I was recently in London for another Crepe City event and although those guys smashed it, the best thing I saw all day was a homeless guy, smiling messing with his dogs ears! I’m no photographer but I flicked it on my phone and I think you’ll agree it shows a peaceful happiness. Anyway enough rambling, cotch and watch the vid and look forward to some way less emotional posts in the future now my life is back on track!! PCE.




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