Bee’s Knees & Chicken’s Eyebrows – Issue 1

We are happy to exclusively introduce to you “Bee’s Knees & Chicken’s Eyebrows”, issue one of the zine coming soon to the iLL sessions store, a 32 page full colour photo zine limited to a short run of 100 copies each signed and individually numbered.
As the title suggests its full of random sh*t! Bee’s Knees & Chicken’s Eybrows is compiled from Kemo SMT’S archives that go back over the last 5 years.
As you can expect it is packed full of never before seen exclusive action photos including, steel (of course), rooftops, female nudity, trespassing and much more!
page 10
This is a zine that you wont want to miss out on, once its gone it gone so keep your eyes on the new iLL sessions store for the zine to drop!!!
page 14
Authors instagram: leimai_lemaow

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