Wellgosh – Sale Now On


You may have noticed the blog has changed slightly. It’s gone a lot more personal, it’s less about what’s dropping next and what’s coming soon (although you can still look forward to that) and more about stuff I just like and think you should know about!

I’ve just been gazing at the Wellgosh site since they have put their sale up and well her’s some stuff I think is worth a cop!

First up it’s The Norfy Bardu Bag in Black, because I know you all want to look like top shotta’s heh heh… at only £19.95 you’d be silly not to get one really, perfect for festivals and all that.



Next up, the Wemoto Norton Jacket, for a start it’s reduced from 84 bones to 42… for a staple jacket you can’t argue with that!



I’ve got a thing about Grey sweaters and UNDFTD over the years has always been one of my favourite brands, I don’t even know why I just love the plain ish they do and the fits, plus generally a nice sweater reduced to £37.95 is just very good.


I couldn’t actually choose between the Norfy jackets, I semi wanted to put the mountain parka in this post but there’s no point it’s too warm out there. I also wanted to put a plain dark one on here because I’m pretty boring when it comes to colours and clothes but I though, yoooo go mad and so for only £65.95 you can get this stripy number, TNF Atmosphere Jacket!



Because everyone loves patterns, even when they look like your mates, nan’s curtains from years past and especially when there’s a camp cap to match! Stussy Indo Jacket £93.95 and info camp cap £32.95 (that works out cheaper for both than the OG price of the jacket woooooh) just make sure you style this properly!.

xstussy-indo-camp-cap-brown-4.jpg.pagespeed.ic.JjjMNgjjeQ xstussy-indo-jacket-brown-1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ybXcRPl-dq



Gang Starr Stussy tee, nuff said £19.95.



Not only are Reebok Classics some of the comfiest crepes in the world but as the name states they are a classic… I suggest one to rock and one to stock on these, I got mine dirty FAST and they’re only 41 bones so you might as well!




I don’t really wear hi tops anymore, I think I’m too old or something I’m not sure, maybe when all the weird Kanye hype dies down I’ll bust them out again but I still semi like all them wacky old colour ways that went with hi tops so these are appealing to me and they look better on foot than off defo. You can even use my reshaping video on my youtube channel – leimai lemaow to make the toe box pretty! Puma Trinomic XS 850 Plus (long names from Puma) £58.95.



There’s infact a lot more than this that I could easily cop but having got to a palace jacket which I want very much and definitely can’t afford, along with many pairs of New Balance that they don’t even make in my size I’m going to have to stop looking before I start crying!

Anyway stop reading this post, go get your wallet and get your eyeballs on Wellgosh!


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