W.I.M.E | Benny Francs


So it’s the second ‘WIME’ (What’s In My Ear’s) session and for this one I’m mixing music and fashion, something that’s always gone hand in hand in my life!

I’ve been chatting to Benny Francs this week, a sick guy who you all need to listen to… if you don’t know (which you definitely already should) now you know!

Hailing from the South side of Chicago and residing in New York, his musical personality shows that of real rap, with proper Hip Hop flows and beats to match, the type I love and grew up listening to. He’s not just a musical don though, his threads are heavy! I could definitely rep those tommy/perry jackets, buckets, shirts, dungarees, everything!!! They’re too fresh I’m jealous haha!

So there’s two tracks for you to listen to, the first being Benny Francs – Francs with the OG beat from MilkBone – Keep it Real, the first time I heard this beat was when I was in school in 1995 (yeah I’m old hehe), an instant head bobber also used on a favourite of mine, the Big L, Jay Z ‘Stretch Bobbito’ Freestyle Session also in 1995 and Benny Francs does the beat so much justice too!

Second up is Benny Francs Ft. Rich Figerson – Cannoli Team… eurrghhhhhhh the beat on this is sicckkkkkk, when I first heard it I was just buzzin’ hard, these are the flows I’m talkin’ about and check the garms, that’s that ish I like!!

So here’s all of those for you to bop to… and while you’re at it catch him on Instagram – BennyFrancs and  Twitter – @BENNYFRANCS

PCE xx – Authors Instagram – Leimai_Lemaow


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