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So I got sent this DOPEXBROKE documentary video from a friend (dorian grvy), I don’t know much about them, I’m bare busy lately, hiding under my rock with various ventures, I tend to just listen to my old hip hop and garage (etc) so I like it when people send me bits to listen to; take some time out and just jam for a minute!

As I said I didn’t know much at all about them so I did a bit of youtube searching and watched the documentary that my friend sent me. The beat at the beginning of the documentary got me interested straight away and then the posi vibes throughout kept me listening!

If you know me you will know I like to stay positive and try keep other people positive too, I think it’s important for the mind. I don’t like being told what to do. I think its important to set your own path of happiness instead of following what other people say should make you happy. If you watch the documentary these guys semi have a similar reach. I’m feelin’ the heavy beats, I like the philanthropic lyrics of the self confessed humanitarians and all the other lyrics too and in addition they have a good flow for those words, plus I just like the afro samurai video ahaaa!

Anyway I’m no music critic I just like what I like! If you’ve got a spare 20minutes it’s worth checking out the documentary (last video on this page), if not make sure you check some of the tracks below and judge for yourself or wander over to their YouTube channel for a bit!


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