Puma | XT2+ ‘Snow Splatter’ Pack – Release Info

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I love waking up on a Friday morning to the words release, Puma and 3M! Puma is definitely creeping into my sneaker collection more and more these days, I just can’t get enough of the colourways and when I read today about this release, I got bare excited once again!

So, what do you know about the XT2+ ‘Snow Splatter’ Pack!!!

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So the splatter we have seen recently, on the heel counter of the re-issued Trinomic XS850, and this is mixed with the 90s inspired nostalgic ‘snow’ print, remember like we used to see on TV when we had no signal (if you answered no to this, you’re making me feel very old – check image below)?!


The silhouette comes in two simple yet bold colourways, black with a flouro yellow snow splatter as well as my favourite, a stealthy black option with a 3M print, perfect for when your mate looses you at night time ahaa. Very nice.

I particularly like the stream line silhouette for this release, the XT2+ has nice subtle details making them simple but interesting! Releasing September 6th the XT2+ will be available from Hanon, End and Footpatrol for £75, don’t miss out!



One thought on “Puma | XT2+ ‘Snow Splatter’ Pack – Release Info

  1. The splatter is so rad!! I used to not be a Puma fan, but ever since I bought some Ferrari ones, I’ve realized how cool they are. Love the second splatter ones with yellow, reminds me of this new backpack Alexander Wang designed for Fall 2014.

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