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This film, Litefeet by Scott Carthy was released in December and having only been brought to my attention this week I definitely needed to make a post about it.

I’m sure most of us have Facebook and most of us are aware of the Subway dancers, but I’m not sure if we have all realised that it has been made illegal! It’s been classed as part of the ‘Broken Windows Theory’ alongside graffiti, drug dealing and prostitution. Now for those of you who don’t know, Broken Windows Theory was introduced in 1982 by a social scientist and has been subject to debate ever since. It’s a criminological theory of the effect of urban disorder and vandalism on additional crime and antisocial behaviour, stating that maintaining and monitoring urban environments of small crimes such as vandalism and public drinking can prevent more serious crimes which is also questionable but maybe more understandable that this.

So knowing that, lets get back to the point, a bunch of urban dancers, well known all around the world now thanks to the internet and of course their amazing skills, mostly from rough backgrounds and areas of New York, Harlem and The Bronx have found a passion and through other peoples enjoyment, the publics enjoyment, become a hit worldwide! Dancing teaches discipline and brings people together, there is no doubt about it so it’s hard to see how this act could possibly make sense. Specially coming from a country that makes Kinder Eggs illegal but makes guns available to family’s and their kids…

Anyway here is the film, a definite must watch with some good tunes,

Yung Gutted – Lots of Cheese
Czarquan – Hockey Hearted
JJ Doom – Guv’nor (Badbadnotgood remix)
Tall Black Guy – Love to the World
Darkside – Paper Trails

ft W.A.F.F.L.E crew


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