Andrew John Smith – Tattooer | 19.09.15


I heard about Andrew through some writer friends of mine, a highly spoken of tattooer, writer and gentleman. Then I got a text one time saying he was in manny and could I tell him where any good pubs where haha… wonder why anybody would even think to ask me that!? Haaaaa! Anyway we ended up discussing work and turned out Andrew fancied one of my hand engraved meat cleavers, so we agreed on a swap! A big chunky meat cleaver engraved, in exchange for an open hand sized tattoo (he must have huge hands because the tattoo is massive).

I decided since we are both writers, something fitting would make sense so I got an ACAB tattoo… with a furry twist! I have two cats, Marty McFly and Mr.Miyagi, they’re pretty nuts so I thought an ‘All Cats Are Bad’ tattoo would look pretty sic so I messaged Andrew and asked him to throw a Sovereign and a chain on the pussums! People keep saying “Oh I have an all cats are beautiful tattoo as well”, but I just think their cats must be pussies because mine are gangsta ahaha jooookes!


Whilst I was there the subject of his business cards came up, they have seriously got to be my fraves, they’re sick!


The positive things I’d heard about Andrew turned out to be true and all in all I had a good day… a tattoo that I was mega pleased with and a chilled atmosphere in Painted Lady where Andrew works from in Birmingham. Check out some more of his work below including a nice vid from Joseph Marshall.

1512836_10153062857497513_8323574390572389441_n 11825671_10153018358912513_5563387752991200694_n 12049275_10153163158332513_2349528142775375169_n 12189701_10153162088192513_4077107344446939939_n

tattooers instagram @andrewjohnsmith

lemaow instagram @leimai_lemaow


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