Ste Wing – ADYN x Adidas Look Book | 23.08.2015


In August I spent the day with my brother from another mother, Ste Wing, for one of his look book shoots and didn’t I pick a good shoot to join him on!


We visited the absolutely stunning slate mines in Wales, somewhere close to Snowdon… I’d try and give you directions but it was literally in the middle of nowhere and well… I’m just rubbish at directions! Just look for the absolutely amazing teal waters in the quarries… but don’t fall in!


I awoke on Sunday morning at 3am to a text message asking if I was alive and thankfully I was, wheeeey, anyway I got up, got ready and was picked up at 4am by Ste and Callan and our designated 4×4 driver/drone operator!


I had no idea where we were going apart from the facts it was in Wales and it definitely wasn’t Butlins! After what seemed like a long drive we pulled up to some completely stunning views of the slate and the most beautiful clear water I have ever seen in the UK.


The day was set out specifically for an ADYN clothing x Adidas footwear look book shoot styled and modelled by Ste and shot by Callan, so I took some behind the scenes pictures on my cracked old iphone 5 that you can see at the end of the post (excuse the quality). I took in the amazing views and fresh air as Callan and Ste shot the look book and Callans dad aka ‘drone lord’ shot the video on his sick drone!

You can see the finished shoot on the look book section of Ste’s website and keep up to date with him and watch the drone video on Instagram and Tumblr, he’s a sick stylist and creative, an all round boss who’s always up to something! Go check him out on his website as well, as he flips between Manny and London in UK and various other countries!!

IMG_0050 IMG_0049 IMG_0047

IMG_0040 IMG_0038 IMG_0037


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