Holy Grail Calligraphy Canvas – Hold Tight


The first of my ‘Holy Grail’ Calligraphy trainer canvases was an easy one for me to pick. I’ve been collecting trainers since I was 13 and along came the Ben Drury’s ‘Hold Tight’ AM1 silhouette. Unfortunately I never had the chance/cash to pick a pair up in a UK5.

Designer and artist Ben Drury was asked to design them in 2006 to celebrate 15 years of Nike Air. His inspiration was the imagery of radio transmission and London’s pirate radio culture (which has been common throughout his work) showing in the name ‘Hold Tight’ and the transmission wave pattern on the heel unit. The shoe also boasts a 3m mudguard and a very nice leather black upper.

My reasons for loving this silhouette is the fact they look so simple but there is a clear amount of thought been put in to the detail. When I sat down and thought about making these canvases I knew straight away this would look sick with the calligraphy surrounding it, even with only 3 colours! A week well spent on this using posca pens and a pro marker to get the leather effect on the sneaker upper. Although I have fallen in love with it, it is for sale, either via DM on my insta @leimai_lemaow or Facebook. I will be making a bigcartel for my art this week and all canvases from this ‘Holy Grail’ collection that I am painting are limited to one piece each! I don’t have a fancy camera so please allow the iPhone shots,







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