Welcome! Lucy-Isobel Bonner | Stylist

Stoked to say TheiLLsessions is starting to welcome contributors and who better to start with than my G Lucy-Isobel Bonner! An up and coming stylist, smashing it already and full of fashion knowledge!


I had a little chat with Lucy-Isobel to see what she would be bringing to the table and get a bit more info…
“I’ve always loved an adventure and was incredibly honoured when Lei-Mai invited me on my next one, to join the TheiLLsessions family!! As a stylist, I constantly seek inspiration and explore street wear, music and the world around me so hopefully this’ll be a chance for you to see what I’m about. I work freelance between Manchester and London and have worked for Island Records, Dazed & Confused and I-D, along side other publications and regular contributor to menswear website www.sid-live.com .
I’m all about empowerment and showcasing dope new names not to be slept on. I’ll be showing you guys what’s going on in my world, the releases I’m getting gassed for and some collab shoots featuring the brands and people ready to blow up in 2016.
You can catch my work at www.lucyisobel.net and @libonner on the insta and keep your eyes peeled for my iLLsessions exclusives”.
I can’t wait to see her future posts! Stay locked and subscribe by email just by hitting the follow button on the right and adding your email address, along with the other 19k+ amazing subscribers!!

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