Welcome ! Jerome Collinge| Photographer

Sankeys MCR 002

Happy to be introducing another G to the blog! Jerome Collinge started out as a graphic designer and slowly expanded his skills into other areas such as web design, photography and videography. Here’s a little bit of what he had to say about himself and joining the iLL sessions family…

Sankeys MCR 003

“I’ve been teaching myself the ways of a creative for the past 5 years and it’s taken me to some great places and allowed me to connect and work with some very influential names in both the music, fashion & style areas.

You can catch me posting on the iLL Sessions website regarding anything from music events I’ve attended/shot for and my personal take on them to a more behind the scenes look on my work and certain projects I have been working on”.

Sankeys MCR 001

As resident artist photographer at Sankeys, you can expect some shots of some pretty big names in the game. The most recent being this shoot with Big Narstie, a rammed night with a vibe as big as Narstie’s personality! Expect more sick shots like these and heads up on future events.

Connect with Jerome here…

Insta: @createdbyjerome

FB: /createdbyjerome

Twitter: @createdbyjerome

Website: http://www.createdbyjerome.co.uk


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