Boiler Room – Levelz 15

Video: Click forward to 20mins and the feed will start!

We had the pleasure of hitting Boiler Room Manchester with our good friends Levelz where they shut down everything!! If you know and follow the Levelz crew then you know how crazy they are… I can tell you they are literally like that 24/7! Mad heads!

What can I say about last night though, 5 hours of mad outfits, inflatables, cocktails, crowd surfs, chilled tunes, hyped tunes, dubs, bars for days and nuttyyyyy vibes! But seriously have you ever seen a boiler room with a game of countdown or the price is right mid set haha! The video feed doesn’t even do the madness justice it went completely up, out an OFFFFF!!

This is how we party in Manchester, England!

@blackjoshape Hoe Don’t Do It sweater and cap available from

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Photo cred: @createdbyjerome



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