Introducing… SOTO GANGSTER

Hey Soto Gangster ! We’re huge fans of you over here at the iLL sessions. I’ve been personally following your work for what must be a couple years now and seeing the progression has been a madness! Can you give us a little introduction into you and what you’re about for those who might not be so familiar with your work….


Young independent, I started tattooing a couple years ago aside of zines and clothing release! My work is a perpetual question about what is love in a world of hustle, fast money, one night stand and situationship, can u be a bad bitch without loosing your inner spirituality?

I am inspired by my childhood mangas and 90’s RnB mixed with this hyper sexual atmosphere we’re living in today, strippers and the rap game.

From shlagtatts to throwing parties to the release of your zines and clothing line; has there been a defining moment where you’ve thought “shit this has really blown up”? 

I never really knew where I wanted to go and what was my purpose in life.. but a couple month ago I realized I am living the life I was wishing for, traveling the world, being my own boss and meeting the most amazing people!
I am so blessed, so thankful for everybody that trusted me and helped me grow! 4 real it’s nothing but love!

The word “empowerment” is thrown around loosely at the moment, however, is a title your work fully deserves for the promotion of female sexuality. How do you think female artists like yourself are finding a niche and dominating a very male orientated scene ?

It can be hard to be taken seriously in the art industry as a woman, especially for me because I don’t really see myself as a tattoo artist being a part of the “no school” scene but i’m not in the conceptual art scene either, it’s hard to stick an etiquette on yourself but with social media these days people will respect you because of who fucks with you and your work, it’s about your thought and lifestyle and I feel like nobody really cares about how u choose to express it which I find interesting because it opens more doors.

When I started tattooing, an ex boyfriend told me that men were asking me for tattoos just so they could look at my boobs, at first I thought it was a super degrading comment but then I thought I might as well charge extra u know what I mean… People are both intrigued and scared of female sexuality, so that’s when my work took a big turn, from this moment it became my main theme, I think helping woman to accept their sexual power can make big change in our everyday life, if we all take pride and control over this it could even help fighting harassement and shit!

You travel the world tattooing an endless stream of dope people in beautiful places, is there any favourite places or experiences? 

Everywhere that I go is an amazing suprise, I’m now on a USA tour for 3 month and I was renting a room in this haunted building in ATL where drug related murder took place, that was a crazy experience tattooing in there and then FREAKCITYLA in Los Angeles was definitely the sickest spot to work at!

How does it feel knowing people want a piece of your art on their body for life?

I don’t always have time to talk deeply with my customer and not everybody understand the message behind my work but when they do its so magical, energy flows!

And what’s new for the luvgang clothing range for those not so committed ? haha. Must’ve been sick seeing Lil Debbie rocking your tee! 

The #LUVGANG line is working so good, the new 3.0 longsleeve is coming out soon!!
I’m so excited seeing boss ladies wearing my clothes!

…that’s what the gang is about, it’s worldwide dope ass females united to create a new vision, it’s a love gang, support your sisters!

Is there anyone you think “fuck I’d love to tattoo them”? 

The Game is driving me crazy with the #FineNiggaFriday on Instagram! He’s the ultimate daddy, I’d love to tattoo him so I own a piece of that body uuugh ❤

I love that you always have your nails on point; Do you have any other travel essentials for your international takeover?

Haha big thanks to all my bffs in the nail game keeping me on fleek! Nikes on my feet, coffee and cigarettes is all i need lol

Your zines are a fresh take on the world through your eyes; (Do you think it’s important to capture these precious moments and people around you) ? 

The first edition of my new zine “8===D” that was released with Popup Press, is about fashion in 90s porn, best nails, tribal tattoos and NBA outfit. Everybody watch porn but I like to look at the trendy aspect of it, I love all the new videos coming out fucking on Iohawk lol it’s insane!!

If we want some of you on our skin where can we find you next? 

I’m still on tour around the USA, next big stop will be Miami, New York then up to Toronto.
From Mai I’ll be back in Europe working at the new SANG BLEU shop in Zurich, Switzerland.

…but slide in my DM’s anyway ❤

And where can we catch you on social media…

@SOTO.GANG on instagram and for zines and clothing ❤

Big love always SOTO ! Dont be a stranger and keep killing it for the girl gang


Forever and always babe! Love back


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