Introducing: Pantyhoe$

Having been on my radar for a little while now, I had a long overdue catch up with Pantyhoe$ head honcho, Sophie Burge. For those that don’t know: Pantyhoe$ is a label, teaming tongue-in-cheek slogans with hip-hop illustrations for the baddest gals in our lives (we can certainly relate to the “no fuckboys” design)


“I had the idea for Pantyhoe$ with a friend of mine around a year ago and we have now been trading for 6 months, and is going so much better than we could ever have imagined. It’s so exciting! It’s so fun running a business with one of my best friends. I do all the shoots myself with help from the talented, hard working girls that I’m fortunate enough to to be surrounded by in London. I spend all my time thinking of new ideas.

Our birthday cards  are on sale from next week, and we have FUR BIKINIS launching in the summer, the campaign is being shot in Rio alongside this amazing design school based in the Flavela. As well as a really exciting embroidery clothing collection with London based designer Haniko, which we’ll be showing in September”


You can follow the label’s rapid progression @pantyhoez and cop a pair worthy of a cheeky insta at





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