Montbloc – Eat, Sleep, Breath Air #1


For our first feature following Air Max Day we had a little chat to the guys at Montbloc, who have just appeared on the Instagram page, to find out what gave them the Air Max bug!


If you don’t know about Montbloc, they are creations made of blocks that you can make yourself and collect, sick!

Montbloc is ran by James and John, lets see where the bug began!

My love affair with air max started way back in the late 90’s, I got a step brother and as a new family we went on holiday. He had the best trainers I had ever seen which turned out to be the Air Max Triax 96 ‘usa’, this was something to do with Michael Johnson smashing records if I remember rightly, I was kicking about in my reebok classics thinking shit I can’t let this happened next year.
A year later and I got myself some Air Max Tailwind, black white with a red air bubble. My step bro turned up in Air Max 96 Se – blue & yellow, I feel I held my own that year.
Since then I’ve been into my Air Max, I didn’t really collect due to the fact I had no idea that was a thing, I just bought because I liked them! Back then it was so much simpler, if only I could go back and hoard a few of those Triax USA or Tailwinds!
Lei-Mai – I’m fully agreeing with the time travel pick up idea!
John MontBloc 👾
My love for Air Max and kicks started back in school when me and my friends used to skateboard and BMX. We always used to have the best skate shoes like the Osiris D3 2001 and Nike SB’s.
I remember when I got the Osiris Datz with the inner sock and thought I was the shit haha! When I stopped skating and riding bmx I never really bought many kicks apart from a few bits here and there.
In 2011 I went to NYC and James told me to hit up Flight Club and a few other places. After going in flight club my love for all things shoes was rekindled ! I picked up a few Jordans and dunks. My love is for Nike sb dunks but  if I had to choose my favourite Air Max it would be the 2007 Nike Air Max Beast. I first picked up the shoe in 2013 off eBay from a seller in Japan.
Lei-Mai – Thanks guys! I love hearing peoples stories, stay tuned for more through the week!
Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 15.17.28

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