Nomad Clan – Art For Aid | Calais Jungle Kickstarter


My good friends Aylo Nomad and Cbloxx Nomad, aka Nomad Clan, aka Hayley Garner and Joy Gilleard (so many names) are best known for their amazing, massive murals!

They’ve been up and down the country painting all sorts, from humongous buildings in Liverpool to giant boards in St.Pauls Cathedral!


Last month they started a kickstarter account, to raise money for the duo to head to the Cailais jungle with paint supplies, videographer, photographer and some other volunteers.


They need to raise £5,500 to be able to make this trip. They are sitting just above £1k at the moment with only 8 days to go to raise the full amount. This is for such a good cause! The people of the Calais Jungle have lived there for years, it is where they call home. They have basic food supplies and clothing and shelter but their mental health suffers and this is the reason Aylo and Cbloxx are raising money. Their aim is to take Art over to Calais and give teenagers there some creative freedom, the artwork produced will be brought back to the UK and exhibited around the country.


These people of Calais are humans… please donate Here! I even forced Nomad Clan to make a video to explain the reasoning behind it, possibly the worst kickstarter video ever made but for such a good cause!


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