More Hate Than Fear -Graffiti Film

We interviewed our friend Kieron a few months ago, here he appears with Harry and Tom in this video, an interesting watch about the life of a graffiti writer after prison. (via


Graffiti… an addiction, punished by time in prison. Boys and girls of all ages are enticed by the art of graffiti, “cut off their hands”, “tattoo ‘criminal on his head” are some of the comments that Molly Manning Walker came across about her friend Harry Conway.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 12.29.49

I looked up addction in the dictionary and all I could find were explanations ending with drugs and alcohol but if you know that feeling of a writer, a need to find something, to conquer, fulfillment, a buzz, a feeling, satisfaction, pleasure and accomplishment. Those feelings can all be found in addiction. Punishing this or how prison changes this I do not know and sending somebody who has been in prison to teach young children how to do that very thing at workshops makes little to no sense to me but that is the world we live in!


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