Isa Genzken: Make Myself Pretty! Exhibition

“I always wanted to have the courage to do totally crazy, impossible and off-key things.”
Isa Genzken, 1994


Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to head down to Martin-Gropius-Bau to check out Isa Genzken’s largest ever solo exhibition in her home city, Berlin. Her narrative of life through material composition explores influences from illegal techno raves to the 9/11 bombings, whilst playing on social standards, the role of self expression in mass culture and overturning of authority and cultural tradition. The influence of Berlin and New York’s underground rave scene held a strong presence and many of the pieces wouldn’t look out of place on an SS17 catwalk !



Be sure to check it out if you’re in Berlin 9th-26th April but don’t watch the on top security who definitely did not like English girls in tracksuits…





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