Dead Players Club

With their 1st birthday this month, the time is right to have a look at a streetwear brand that I’ve been ranting and raving about recently: Dead Player’s Club.

The Bristol label consists of Harvey Quirke and Danny Cozins, two innovative skateboarders and students, turning their student loans into a platform for their design capability. The influence of the 80s is present in their pieces with a collection including  t-shirts, hats and outerwear nodding towards the heroes behind the brand’s name.

Not restricted to their clothing lines, the duo have an eye for a clear aesthetic. The DPC website boasts both impressive videos and lookbooks projecting this British city twist on American iconic figures, particularly with the Playboy skull quarter zips.

I recently copped the white Rose quarter zip and can vouch for it being my go to for those summer evenings with a tennis skirt, hoops and Converse for that all white look. Not only are the designs original but the quality of the garments is mint! Catch the rest on





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