El Dorado Festival

Imagine a cocktail of glitter, tunes, acid and jokers: Meet El Dorado. The lovechild of bigtime UK promoters Cirque Du Soul, El Dorado’s debut certainly did not  disappoint.

From trippy art instillations to the babes at The Gypsy Shrine glittering up the wide eyed ravers, every detail was executed with an air of creative effort. Not only appealling on the eye, the line up brought in a distinctively English sound, particularly with Craig David and Kano flooding back all kinds of childhood sweetheart emotions.

As night fell, the crowds were out in full force with killer sets bringing an abundance of sounds, particular highlights being Basement Jaxx and My Nu Leng. No words can accurately describe the birth of this festival and the beautiful people it brought together. Big ups to everyone who came down and check our gallery below.


Photos by @conorhphoto

Words by @libonner

Check out future events @eldoradofestival


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