Bestival Hype!

To name yourself Bestival is a bloody bold statement to live up to, and, as the UK’s Best Major Festival Winner, it never disappoints. We’ve been lucky to catch a load of fezzys this summer but come September is everyone’s highlight of the festival season.

It’s a kind of “where do I even start” when digesting just why we’re so gassed so being the generous ladies we are, we’ve put together a playlist (a kind of Bestival sound journey) taking you through the acts we’re highly anticipating to shell down the Isle of Wight.

The thing about Bestival though, is it’s so much more than music. With acts from Skepta to the Human League to Sean Paul, diversity is at the heart of the four day bonanza. An abundance of killer live acts and every DJ under the sun taking over the decks for all the ravers is perfect but it doesn’t stop there.

Whether you’re a veteran or a virgin , there’s no doubt you’ve seen the top level of detail going into the production to ensure this trippy adult playground is brought to life. This year brings the Worlds Biggest Bouncy Castle, Mexican Wrestling and an inflatable church to repent all those weekend sins, to name but a few.

In 2016 Bestival will head into The Future, pioneering a glamorous machine age that delivers entertainment at the speed of light. The Future is our launch pad for a new experience, an odyssey of cosmic colonisation and nanotech clothing, forging a new collective consciousness. Enter a luminous dream world of parties on the moon, sonic adventuring, spiritual teleportation, transcendent holographic forms, everlasting gobstoppers and a blissful eternity. Immerse yourself in a universe like no other, where green fields roll into night skies, a virtual utopia where time has no boundaries and the spirit is free. In other words, leave reality at the entrance and get involved with every second of weird and wonderful fun that Bestival truely brings.

I could talk forever about why you should come. Need convincing to join us in The Future? Dial the Decision Line now: 08453882378 (calls 5p a min + local rate). With Rob Da bank giving you 11 reasons why you should join us for a weekend of festival paradise. 

Be sure to keep your eyes out for our highlights after a weekend of madness and let us know i you’re reaching. Tickets, 0844 888 4410




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