Founder Q&A | Lei-Mai LeMaow

• Who are you? 

Lei-Mai LeMaow

• Age?


• Where are you from?

The mean streets of Liverpool

• What do you do?

Too much! I took the leap and after 6 long years left Carhartt WIP, one of my frave jobs! I now work for myself, on about a billion different ventures, founder of The iLL sessions, bucket hat maker, designer, stylist, artist, director at, general maker of things, investor in stocks and shares failure, adventurer and absolute roulette master.

• Describe a day in your life.

• Favourite footwear?

Nike Air Max 1 for silhouette, reebok workout for comfort and general look, am95 for them scally vibes an converse for that cutey cutey japan look.

• Favourite item of clothing?

Anything Toromai obvs 😉

• What’s in your pockets/bag right now?

iPhone 6s, crap amount of money, fat pen, keys, pocket fluff.

• Last item you purchased?

Beer looool

• Biggest fashion faux-par?

 of mine: loads of shit but they seem to have come full circle and be cool again so none hahaha

of other people: crocks… ew

• Last time you got caught doing something wrong?

got caught…? 😉

• 3 things you can’t live without?

Family, friends, ideas

• 1 thing to do before you die?

‘Make it’ aha

• 1 secret about your city?

I live in Manchester now and it’s not really a secret but in both Manchester and Liverpool there’s the lost underground tunnels, which are the caverns, mines and canal tunnels… they use some of them for tours now but in my old flat we broke in to this random door in the cellar and it led to all the tunnels that hadn’t been done up for the tours, there was loads of rooms that people had been squatting in, it was immense, they lead to so many derelict parts of the city and massive open underground spaces with huge beautiful arches that looked all sorts of different colours from the reflection of the water and the light that was seeping through various holes and grids. Also since moving to manchester we got underground there an it was fuckin’ boss haha.

• Biggest regret?

I want to say no regrets but to say that would mean I hadn’t learnt the lessons from those bad mistakes. Biggest regret is not listening to myself.

• Suggest something for our followers to check out.

No links for this bit, they will all appear in my blog but just check life in general, don’t get caught up in the 9-5 and if you do, make sure that shit is worth it!

• Shoutouts?

To everyone who’s ever helped me in the past and to those who will in the future, that ish means the most.

• Anything you want to say before you leave?

Big ups to all the iLL sesh followers and contributors!!

Instagram: @leimai_lemaow

3 thoughts on “Founder Q&A | Lei-Mai LeMaow

  1. Hiya I’ve just bought some palace x reebok shoes and they didn’t come with the palace laces, can’t find them anywhere would you know where I could find them by any chance?

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