Q&A | Lucy Isobel Bonner


• Who are you? 

Lucy-Isobel Bonner

• Age?

20 but never underestimate an age !!!!

• Where are you from?

From a polish/Glasgow/Croydon background which ain’t for the faint headed but I live in Manchester, in a few weeks I’ll be moving to Berlin to cause a madness

• What do you do?

Styling and wiling !!! I’m a stylist and work in editorials, music videos and clothing campaigns and when I’m not dressing people I’m undressing them lol jokes I do love a party though

• Describe a day in your life.


• Favourite footwear?

I’m a bit of a freak with shoes I can never obsess over one thing and my look can go from football hooligan to lil kim!! I’m proper obsessed with stripper heels and crotch high boots atm but I’ll be repping my 95s daily and leave it for my shoots to dress other people like night walkers

• Favourite item of clothing?

everything I own is like a child of mine it’d be too hard to pick!! maybe some of the old school Versace I always feel slyly smug when wearing

• What’s in your pockets/bag right now?

got this bape X stussy bag that’s falling to shreds but inside in is my iPhone, notebook and pen, pins, tape measure, 3 bottles of coconut water and polyester magazine (alongside a lot of rubbish)

• Last item you purchased?

Cigarettes and 5 drinks for a long ass train journey

• Biggest fashion faux-par?

If I see you in kitten heels I will tell you about yourself !!!!!!

• Last time you got caught doing something wrong?

tried to smoke a fiver in a kebab shop the other day and got banned after trying to pay with it

• 3 things you can’t live without?

All the people in my life, creative freedom, music

• 1 thing to do before you die?

See the people around me get what they deserve for being so beautiful

• 1 secret about your city?

The underrated talent is a hidden gem

• Biggest regret?

that’s a bit of a peak one but I don’t regret anything in terms of what I’ve consciously done, maybe for not taking certain opportunities but I’m pleased to be where I am at my age

• Suggest something for our followers to check out.

look through the blog regularly to find all the sick creatives about to change the shape of different scenes and a lil look at my website for previous tings www.lucyisobel.net

• Shoutouts?

All the boys I work with for constantly inspiring me, my mum for being a don and all my mental friends

• Anything you want to say before you leave?

Hope u enjoy what I’ve got up my sleeve for u all xxxxxx big up urselfs

Instagram: @libonner